Will I Get a 2nd Stimulus Check?

Americans started receiving their COVID-19 stimulus checks last week, and many started spending the money quickly.  Reports show that people purchased such things as groceries and gas.  The next question on people's minds is whether or not there will be more money coming their way.  The $1,200 per person payments are certainly helpful and needed, however critics say that amount is not enough.  Americans spend on average, around $600 per month on food, and nearly $2000 per month on housing. There has also been over 20 million unemployment applications submitted since early March, so people are truly in need of some additional money.


President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have both signaled support for additional payments.   While the exact amounts discussed are not clear, it does appear there is bi-partisan support for getting more funds out.  We will follow this story and report any updates.